Cleanliness: How Clean Should Your House Be When You Move Out?

Cleanliness is a pretty subjective idea, without a doubt. But what does it actually mean when it comes to moving out of your house and leaving it ready for the next owners? What are the common expectations?

It first comes down to what was written into the signed contract. What terms did you agree to? Did the buyers request that a professional cleaning company clean the house before possession? Did they request that the carpets be steam-cleaned? If there is some sort of request or term written into the contract, then you, as the seller, are obligated to fulfill that before you leave. If you don’t, you run the risk of the buyers potentially suing you for breach of contract. Even if the buyers do request something of this nature in the contract, you, as the seller, are within your right to not agree to that term during the negotiations; however, once the contract is signed and accepted, the obligation to fulfill any seller terms is yours.

But where does this leave us if none of these terms are included? The basic answer is that you leave the home in the same state the buyers would have viewed in. If they viewed your home in a clean state, then that’s how they expect to receive it on possession day. You can’t move out and leave piles of garbage and undesired possessions behind.

Further to that idea, you should leave your home how you would expect to find your next one: move-in ready. You don’t want to have to spend another eight hours scrubbing the floors and walls before you can bring all of your possessions in to start settling in, so why would you leave that in your old home? The old adage, “do unto others as you would have done unto you,” holds true here. Clean your home. Take out the garbage. Leave it fresh and ready for its next happy owners.

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