Housing Market Update!

Welcome to Market Wire, your source for what’s happening in Victoria Real Estate! Join Andrew Hrushowy for this week’s Market Wire featuring Jesse Fibiger from Modern Mortgage Group as they discuss the housing market forecast as we move into Summer.

New Market Wire Episode: Housing Market Update!

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Andrew Hrushowy has worked as a dishwasher, executive chef, business manager, and even as a restaurant owner in Ucluelet, BC. He looks back fondly on his 15 years in the food services industry and considers his success in that part of his life essential experience and perspective to his current life. As a chef, he had the opportunity to feed people from all walks of life and had the fortunate opportunity to speak with these people face-to-face. Previously with Burr Properties and the single-family market, Andrew Hrushowy has shifted to focus on the condo market and development sales. He has the local knowledge of what makes each part of this city great and is ready to help you find your next beautiful home

You can get in touch with Jesse Fibiger from Modern Mortgage Group directly at jfibiger@shaw.ca,️ 250-590-3519


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