Cathie Jeffrey

Born and raised in Oak Bay, Cathie saw Victoria as home base for work and travel early on and with her husband of 30 years, Trent, before they eventually chose Shawnigan Lake to raise their family. Their two boys, Grant and Colin, would become the 5th generation to live on the family property. Island roots run deep!

Cathie comes to real estate naturally, if by a circuitous route through a trust company management and marketing consultant background. Her father was a Realtor in Victoria for over 50 years, and she has had the pleasure of working with her licensed brother in several past projects and now here at Island Realm. The experience of constantly seeking out unique needs and adjusting for personal service honed Cathie’s skills for hearing what isn’t said and on delivering more than was asked for.

Consultative and inquisitive by nature, Cathie thrives on building relationships, and through her over 16 years in the real estate business she is most proud of the challenging new-town development work she has been involved in in Mexico and as Director of Sales here on the Island. In addition to assisting clients find their ideal homes all over the Island, she took an active role in working with Indigenous people in both countries to create and support growth and opportunities within these communities.

“It is a privilege to be invited into the journey of finding one’s perfect fit home, no matter my role, and it’s one I never take for granted.”

In her personal world, Cathie can be found on the side of a box or field lacrosse game, on a walk with a camera, traveling with Trent or friends, or (soon!) teaching her grandson how to outwit his parents :).