Victoria Real Estate Prices and Your Price

Victoria real estate prices, in theory, should be a well-researched and thought-out value. Your property’s list price would be based on comparable homes in your neighbourhood and what your home has that others nearby don’t. The right price would help ensure that your home is sold quickly and for a fair value.

Victoria real estate prices ask you, as buyer or seller, to determine what you think the value is of your home.

However, in this current real estate market, Victoria real estate prices have become arbitrary, an idea of where you should be and then maybe pricing your home higher to “see what happens.” There are so many buyers, and buyers with money, with so few houses for sale that a comparable price is just a place to start, not necessarily the right number anymore. This is to a seller’s advantage.

As a buyer, though, it’s no longer a matter of looking at a list price of a home and deciding whether that number works for you and your budget. Instead, you now have to decide what you are willing to pay for that property, determining your own personal value for that home. Simply put, the price tag for a property is less important; it’s about what you’re willing to pay.

Money values mean different things to people and, as a buyer, before you set out in this market, you have to decide what those values mean to you. Are you willing to enter into a multiple-offer situation? Are you willing to enter that situation and do you have a number you’re willing to go over asking price to get your dream home?

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